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Who can I support?

I work with adult clients aged 16+ who are looking for one-to-one support. Whether you are dealing with something that’s affecting your life right now or wanting to explore more long-standing issues, why not get in touch for a chat to see how we can best work together?


What is my approach?

I trained as a person-centered psychotherapist. Pioneered by Carl Rogers, the person-centred approach to counselling is informed by a faith in the client’s inherent wisdom and capacity for change and growth. The role of the therapist is to foster with the client the conditions necessary for reflection and self-exploration. The therapist offers no judgements or diagnoses. This means I will always put your needs first as we co-create a safe, open, and empathetic environment for you to talk and reflect freely.


The person-centred approach has its own philosophical and practical view of how therapeutic change happens. At the same time, there are insights from other therapeutic traditions that can be immensely useful to clients. Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all process. So, whilst we work together, I will be alert to a plurality of approaches to human distress and how we try to alleviate them. This is known as the pluralist approach to counselling and psychotherapy.

Find out more about the pluralist approach below:


I also offer walk-and-talk therapy which takes the same approach in person centered and pluralist, but rather than in a room or online, takes place outside along the Promenade in Portobello, Edinburgh. 


Where am I based?

My counselling practice is based in Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. I am based on the Promenade in Portobello, which means I am reachable from local areas around Edinburgh and East Lothian. Nearby locations include but are not limited to: Leith, Joppa, Duddingston, Holyrood, Newington, Meadowbank, Musselburgh, Tranent, Prestonpans. 

There is free available parking on Straiton Place and accessible local public transport from Portobello High Street. Lothian Buses (Services 19 and 26) serve Portobello.

I also offer counselling online, meaning if you are in the UK or outside, we can arrange sessions. 


When do I offer counselling?

I offer counselling Monday – Saturday with flexible morning, afternoon, and evening slots available. This is for both face-to-face in Portobello, Edinburgh, or online anywhere in the UK or worldwide. 

If you want to enquire about another time, please get in touch. 


What is the cancellation process?

I have a 48-hour cancellation notice. I understand life can be unpredictable so there is always an option to cancel or reschedule our counselling sessions. (Please note if there is a cancellation in less notice than 48 hours then the full fee is payable).


Is this confidential?

Counselling is confidential as it is key to building a trusting safe space. If there is ever a risk either to yourself or others, only in this circumstance would confidentiality be breached. I follow the BACP ethical framework, which can be found here:


Why consider counselling? 

Counselling offers you the space and opportunity to explore your experiences with no judgement or biases, in an open, safe space. Whether you are struggling with events in the past, difficult circumstances in the present,  or anxious about the future, helping yourself begins with talking and being listened to without judgement. As a psychotherapist I aim to give you the space and power to help yourself through any difficulties or challenges you may be facing. 

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